Tests From Quarantine

Tests From Quarantine is a video piece that intentionally captures small frequent moments. During COVID, I used my camera as a way to relearn simple everyday gestures. This video attempts to overwhelm the viewer with its soft but pungent sound.

Who’s There?

Who’s There? focuses on obsession. I thought deeply about how love can take over someone’s entire being. A lover could easily slip into the mindset of a killer, a killer could easily transform into a lover, each personas committing an act of violation. The only thing left is the barrier of the apartment door between the homeowner and intruder.

Featured in Counterweight curated by Patricia Voulgaris at Somad Studio

Night Call

Night Call is a video piece which recalls an abduction told through my grandmother. I invite the viewer to contemplate this ongoing investigation. I question one's ability to remember traumatic events and the facts that determine the outcome of a crime. As time passes our ability to accurately depict past events become even more complex and obscure.

Girl Who Strikes Back

Girl Who Strikes Back is a video piece that utilizes older technology while focusing on its unpredictability. Using a camera that only shoots in black and white, made my focus turn to how form and shape reacts to lightness and darkness. I am constantly conscious of the way women are perceived and that we are both the surveyor and the surveyed. This video is graphic in its nature and is intended to be a wake up call to the viewer.

Featured on Somad Studio’s Intimate Space channel.

Strange Woman 

Strange Woman is a video piece containing several chapters of women in visceral spheres. Whispers, secrets, tingling sounds, and tangible textures fill the void of stories which have been left forgotten.

My Memory

My Memory is a video piece that examines the relationship with my father. Through introspection of my childhood memories and the latent violence that is associated with it, my curiosity flings to the past. Questioning the facts, true or false.